Lovely Lavender - Lavender information for Garden, Kitchen, Home, and Health

Lavender for your Garden - Interesting information about the various types of lavender plants and how to care for them.

  Spanish Lavender - one of the most popular varieties
  English Lavender - the most wonderful and traditional aroma
  French Lavender - widely used in the creation of essential oils
  Pruning Lavender - the right way to care for your plants
  Growing Chamomile - you can grow chamomile with ease
  Growing Lavender - it is easier than you think, if you know the keys to success
  Lavender Farms - an amazing get away and a treat for the eyes and the nose
  Lavender Flowers - there are over 39 species of Lavender flowering plants
  Types of Lavender - select the right type for your purpose

Lavender for your Home -  Useful tips to make your home healthier and more welcoming

  Homemade Bath Salts - The wonderful gift of relaxation for you or your friends
  Aromatherapy Soy Candles - Calming and beautiful, they have many advantages over other types
  Dead Sea Bath Salts - A healthful way to melt away stress
  Lavender baby bedding - tips on decorating a nursery using the color lavender
  Bath Oil - a warm luxurious bath with bath oil is the ultimate calming experience
  Bulk Bath Salts - Good quality bath salts can be used to make many different beauty aid products 
  Making Bath Salts - a great way to rejuvenate and refresh themselves after a tiring day�s work
  Natural Bath Salts - used over the ages as both a beauty aid and for relaxation
  Wholesale Bath Salts - the cost savings from purchasing wholesale or bulk bath salts can be significant.

Lavender for your Kitchen - Great ideas for mixing and cooking with lavender and other essential oils and herbs

  Essential OIl Recipes - add essential oils to your dishes to enhance flavor and add fragrance
  Cooking With Essential Oils - essential oils are filled with bountiful goodness - and you can use them for cooking  
  Herb Recipes - herbs are excellent natural treasures - used for various culinary and medicinal purposes
  Basil Recipes - basil originates from Asia and is predominantly found both in southern and northern hemispheres

Essential Oils for your Health - Used for generations, essentials oils are wonderful to smell and healthful to use

  Lavender Essential Oil - known throughout history not only for it�s wonderful smell and health benefits
  Lavender Oil Recipes - Great uses for acne, relaxation, and massage.
  Oregano Essential Oil - one of the world�s best natural medicines.
  Tea Tree Essential Oil - it may be your answer to issues with infection, breathing, or skin conditions
  Patchouli Essential Oil - a long and interesting history in medicine, perfumery, cosmetics, and textiles
  Bergamot Essential Oil - strong smell which is considered to be subtle and uplifting
  What Is Aromatherapy - learn about this alternative medicine that uses plant oils
  Benefits Of Aromatherapy - how it works and how it may help you
  Aromatherapy Remedies - You have heard of aromatherapy before, but do you know what it really is?
  Tea Tree Oil for Acne - when added to a full health plan,,tea tree oil may help you get rid of acne
  Tea Tree Oil Uses - the healing powers of this essential oil are well known
  Essential Oil Diffuser - how to get your essential oils spread across the room with different methods of diffusion
  Make Your Own Essential Oil - it's not easy or simple, but you can make your own essential oils at home
  Cheap Essential Oils - 100% all natural essential oils perfect for aromatherapy, massage therapy or using in the home.


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