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Stop Sweaty Hands - Get Rid of Excessive Hand Sweating the Right Way
Tue, 20 Apr 2010

Palmar Hyperhidrosis or excessive hand sweating disorder can be an extremely embarrassing and frustrating condition to contend with. Here you will find the right solution to your problem that will help you stop sweaty hands for good.

Excessive hand sweating syndrome is not a condition that you develop overnight. It aggravates gradually over the years and often starts at the early young age. By your late twenties, the hand sweat would have developed to beyond tolerance. This is the most active age that requires extensive interaction and relationship building, which wet sticky sweating hands do not help. Shaking hands with strangers are embarrassing enough to say the least, let alone having to hold the hands of your potential lover for the first time with wet palms. Your career takes a beating and your potential relationships never take off, all thanks to having palmar hyperhidrosis. Well it is time to stop sweaty hands once and for all. Here are a few techniques to help you manage the disorder.

You would think that there must be one remedy amongst the countless ones available in the market. Surely there is, but if you try them one by one it will take a long time to find the solution and there is a smart way to eliminate the unsuitable ones. Rate the severity of your disorder with 1 as mild to 10 as severe. Ratings 1 to 3 are easy to manage and over the counter drugs will solve the case while 4 to 7 would warrant stronger remedies like botox injections and acupuncture. Sufferers with ratings from 8 to 10 should be looking at surgery or iontophoresis treatment. And while surgery would give rise to many related side effects, the key of which is compensatory sweating on the torso, underarms, face, groin or feet, giving you a whole new set of medical problems altogether.

Iontophoresis treatment is not a surgical procedure and has no side effects as proven by the millions who were successfully healed over a period of more than 50 years since its debut. Simply soak your hands in separate trays of water connect to the device and switch on the power. Every session takes about 20 minutes and within one week you will have your dry palms. Subsequently, you can control the degree of dryness with follow up sessions. All sessions can be either conducted at the clinic at a pay per visit cost or done at home with your homemade device at the convenience and privacy of your own home. The latter is one popular choice due to the low cost involved.

Millions of successfully treated sufferers are proof for the authenticity of the iontophoresis treatment to stop sweaty hands. So if you have excessive hand sweating, get rid of it with the right remedy.

So CURE your sweaty palms with this proven and tested method just like me. Stop Sweaty Palms and Get Rid of your sweaty hands and feet in just 5 days. Or Simply visit Stop Sweaty Hands for more details.

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