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How to Increase Your Fitness Fast
Tue, 20 Apr 2010

The best way to get fitter faster, is by setting some goals and planning out how you are going to accomplish them. When you do this you can then just follow the plan and get much more fit and healthy along the way.

I recommend that before you do anything else, you sit down with a pen and a piece of paper and write down some goals. Don't go overboard with these just yet, just make some goals that you believe that you can achieve in a month or two.

When your making these goals for the first time, it doesn't really matter that much how you do them. Just put down something which you would like to be doing in a months time and date it.

I believe that making short term aims is far better in the beginning as you'll find that once you've reached one, you can then set another one which shows progress. Later on however you'll want to set some bigger ones over longer periods of time.

At this point, you should go and checkout a gym close by to where you live to learn some exercises and get used to using fitness equipment. The aim here should be to just learn how everything works and which machines you like.

It's a good practice to gain some experience on the different machines before you create your workout routine. After all, you may design a plan that you would just hate doing if you don't know what each machine is like. So experiment.

You should now get started with an eating plan. This is probably the most critical factor in becoming fit and healthy as your body depends of getting lots of good nutrition to get you there. So find some healthy foods which you also actually like eating and write them down.

Since I began doing this I've completely transformed my diet from eating fast foods to fruit, veg and high quality meat. Plus, I don't have all the cravings that I used to suffer from when I had an unhealthy diet.

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