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Tips for Getting Rid of Flu
Fri, 08 Oct 2010

For all of the parents, there is nothing important than keeping the kids healthy. However, the kids are more easily to catch cold in the cold weather and the time when the climate changes. There can be many ways that you can apply to get rid of the flu in quickly. The following are some suggestions for you.

Firstly, you must know whether your kids have caught cold. There are many signs that can help you to know whether your children get flu. For example, they will have bad appetite if they have got flu. The best way to get the flu away in a quick way is to know the symptoms first and then give your kids some Ibuprofen or a little Nyquil. In this way, your kids will not get fever or the aches will also be soothed.

Secondly, you may prepare some chicken soup or sweet tea for your kids. They will have an obvious effect in keeping the flu away as long as you give the tea to your kids every two hours. More often, if your children refuse to take them, you had better give some advice first but not force them. And you should also let them drink more warm water during the flu.

The last but not least, your kids need to have a warm bath and relaxation. If your kids have taken the medicine, you should let them have a good rest. More often, a warm bath will make them feel better. After the bath, they must wear suitable clothes to keep warm. And, your kids also need some time to have a good rest for the reason that those who get flu will be easier to feel tired.

By Marie B. Thomas.
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