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Bath Oil

Whether it is hot summer or cold winter, a warm luxurious bath with essential salts and bath oils is the ultimate calming experience.

Bath oils can rejuvenate and refresh both the body and the mind. Just add drops of oil in your tub of water � and watch them dance and floats on the water. But watch out - adding too much can make the bath tub slippery.

Spice up your bath tub with twenty percent of Polysorbate 80 or 20 and eighty percent bath oil. Add drops of your favorite essential oil for fragrance and you are ready to enjoy the most relaxing experience. (Note that you should not use peppermint in the bath � it is cooling and that isn�t exactly the effect you want!)

Preparing your Bath Oil

Start with about two ounces of 80 or 20 Polysorbate in a bottle. Add in eight ounces of sweet almond oil and five ounces of essential oil of your choice.  Lavender oil is a very popular choice. When added in this ratio, your bath oil will mix very well with the water. Remember to shake the bottle well each time you want to use it so that the components don�t separate.

You can easily preserve bath oils for a long time by adding antioxidants such as Rosemary Oleoresin or Vitamin E. This can be added in the ratio of one to two percent of the total amount of oil. Any light bath oil including sweet almond oil is perfect. Other good bath oil that you can add in includes sunflower oil, jojoba, fractionated coconut oil, apricot oil, etc. For true and maximum aromatherapy benefits, be sure to add only pure essential oils (just because it smells good doesn�t mean it is essential oil � check the label carefully).

There are many benefits of adding bath oil to your bath tub. Oil is excellent to repair damaged skin and does a great job of relieving stress. It will also nourish your dry skin and help it get back is smoothness. In fact, skin is fact moisturized very effectively due to the warm water which helps the oil penetrate your pores.


Variations in bath oil include adding scented carrier oil or using oil which is infused with herbs. Your skin is nourished by the carrier oil and energy is infused with the help of the essential oils. A good bath oil both soothes and relaxes your muscles and your nerves.

If you just want to have a basic oil bath periodically, add in carrier bath oil such as jojoba, sesame, olive or coconut oil to the hot bath water prior before getting in. Blend various pure oils such as ? oz wheat germ oil, 1 oz canola oil, 1 oz sesame oil, 3 oz almond oil and one and a half ounces of olive oil. Shake mixture of oils well after you pour them into a glass jar. Put at least one ounce of this mixture in your bath water. This balanced blend of bath oil nourishes and soothes your skin and is an excellent base for aromatherapy � where you add other essential oils for fragrance and health benefits.

You can create aromatherapy bath oil with many different ingredients. Just add the essential oil of your choice with the basic bath oil described above. Use bath oil with your warm bath and enjoy the unique luxury of a relaxing and healthy bath.