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Bulk Bath Salts

Using bountiful natural resources for reviving, rejuvenating and relaxing our tired body and mind is a practice that has in vogue for centuries now. Today, using bath salts � which have been used for ages � together with various essential oils has again gained in prominence as more people are looking for natural ways and means to relieve their tensions and stress.

There are many companies both online and retail which sell bulk bath salts. Good quality bath salts can be used to make many different beauty aid products such as massage oil base, perfume base, body scrubs, liquid soap base, etc. 

Professional manufacturers present their products in attractive packages which can be given as gifts. You can do the same thing � for fun, profit, or both.  You can place an order online with a company who will deliver bath salts to your home. 

You can then combine bath salts with a mixture of exciting essential oils of your choice. These are then combined other products, including bath soaps, to make attractive gift packages. For example, you can combine Chinese flower tea flavored bath salts with green soaps, or cinnamon sunset tea bath salts with cinnamon soap.  Or combine blue and yellow tea bath salts with lavender soap for an especially attractive combination.

Purchasing Bulk Bath Salts

You can purchase bulk bath salts, add in different combinations of essential oils and scrubs to make your own unique package.  Include a soap to make your own gift package extra special. There are many combinations you can experiment with and enhance the package with attractive and charming gift packets � baskets, bows, boxes are just a few of the many packaging options. In addition to being a wonderful craft or family gift, many people have turned batch products into a business opportunity which can be very lucrative.

You can purchase bulk bath salts in many different sizes � from single use packets of 4 Oz or in fifty pound bags. You can either purchase the plain, unscented bath salts to customize your own beauty product or you can pick up the already scented salts. Most people like to start with unscented bath salts so they can add their own fragrances using pure essential oils.

You may be able to purchase bulk bath salts without tax, even as a small entrepreneur (check with your accountant for details). However, if you elect to sell the finished product, either to a retailer or an individual, you will likely have to charge sales tax (again check with your accountant).

Adding Essential Oils

If you are planning on buying natural bath salts unscented, spend some time thinking about how you will decide to add pure essential oils to create your beauty aids.  You will need to do some in-depth study and research on the subject to be sure you select the best combination of essential oils for both fragrance and health purposes.  

Skilfully mixing and matching combinations of bath salts with essential oils and fragrance as well as herbal or natural soaps can provide you develop a product or a gift to provide glowing skin and good health.

Bath salts are beginning to help people more and more with their efforts to relieve stress, sooth frayed nerves, nourish the skin, and providing an overall sense of good health. With a little creativity, some research, and the right ingredients, you too can develop your own beauty products for gifts or profit.