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Herb Recipes

Herbs are excellent natural treasures. They are used for various culinary and medicinal purposes. A little bit of fresh herbs a day can contribute to your family´┐Żs health. In addition, herbs add excellent aroma and flavor to herb recipes. They are also highly nutritious and aid in digestion of food.

Herbs As Substitutes

Herbs such as marjoram, thyme and celery are often used in salt-free or reduced-salt diet. Similarly, basil, savory and nasturtium are used as a substitute for pepper. Herbs can be used creatively to make herb recipes that are tasty and delicious. One of the most popularly used herbs is Basil. Basil is used to make various recipes such as dessert treats, spaghetti sauce and pesto.

Herbs To Add Regional Flair

Capers are herbs that are predominantly used in the Mediterranean region. This herb has a piquant sour taste and adds a salty flavor to dishes, especially to vegetables, sauces, dressings and salads.

The wonderful, versatile and aromatic Rosemary herb is used to make a variety of herb recipes such as desserts, dressings, stuffings, eggs, fish, meats, vegetables, soups, fruit salads, etc. Oregano is used in Pizza toppings and is predominantly a herb that is popular in the Mediterranean.

Herbs To Add Flavor

Chivies provide herb recipes with a milder garlic and onion flavor. Cilantro is a wonderful herb used in many recipes. Dill Weed and Dill Seed have been in use for medicinal purposes since ancient times. They are used in making homeopathic medicines. As a flavor Dill is added to vegetables, dressings, salads, dips and seafood.

Herbs To Add Beauty

Edible flowers provide excellent taste to your food. They also add attraction to your dishes. Mustard is one of the most used spices. There are a variety of mustard seeds which add to the flavor of dishes.

Herbs For Special Occasions

As we all know, Sage is today a part of the Thanksgiving Turkey stuffing. Grease taken in by the body through fatty foods is digested easily with the help of Sage. The bittersweet herb Tarragon is used to add flavor to dishes. Turmeric is a herb used in a variety of recipes which also adds color to the food.

Herbs In Tea

Chamomile tea is an excellent herbal tea which is enjoyed by people. To make Chamomile tea, you need one table spoon of dried chamomile flower heads, two and a half cups of boiling water and honey or superfine sugar. Pour boiling water on chamomile flowers in a teapot or mug. You can leave it to infuse completely or partially depending on the strength you require. Add sugar or honey after straining the tea and stir well.

A lot of other herbs are also used for flavoring tea. These include the fresh lemon verbena, iced mint tea, lavender or mint flower tea, lemon balm and marigold tea.

Recipe for Herb Potatoes

One of the interesting herb recipes is the grilled potatoes with chopped mint. For this you need:

- about 3 cups potatoes cut into half length wise
- grape seed oil
- chopped mint or mint leaves
-  juice of two limes and grated rind
- pepper, sea salt

Arrange a layer of potatoes on a heated griddle. After cooking for about five to six minutes, remove from heat. Add in the combined oil, juice and lime rind and then the pepper, salt and chopped mint. Place all ingredients in a jar and shake well. Finally, mix in the potatoes with the dressing and transfer to the serving dish to sprinkle mint leaves.