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Lavender Baby Bedding

Nearly all parents-to-be enjoy decorating their nursery while anxiously waiting for their bundle of joy to arrive.  If you are expecting a baby girl, why not consider decorating in lavender?

Many people like the color purple.  But dark purple bedding, drapes, and accessories might be too overbearing for a baby�s room � especially if there isn�t a lot of natural light in the nursery.

As a first step � even before selecting a color � take a good, hard look at the space you have available.  Consider what furniture you want, and what you can afford.  You can often find good quality, used baby furniture at thrift stores and garage sales.  However, consider safety.  Look only at newer furnishings, since older ones may not follow the latest safety standards.  Also, avoid anything that is painted, loose, or has holes or cut out shapes. 

At a minimum, you will want to have a crib, something you can use to store clothes, and somewhere you can change diapers. The top of a dresser or even your bathroom countertop can double as a changing table. 

After you�ve reviewed the space and acquired your furniture, you can turn to the fun part � decorating!

Next, consider your color scheme and a theme.  Most folks select white or muted colors, but you should add some fun colors too.  Ideas for themes are limitless � butterflies, flowers, trains, fish � the sky is the limit!  Pick something and stick with it so that you have a consistent look to your nursery room.

Whatever colors you select, be sure to complete painting far before your baby arrives.  You want to make sure that all paint has a chance to dry and off gas.

What can you do to add a splash of color to your baby�s room without making it too dark?  Consider using lavender instead of purple, and use it as an accent color.  Fortunately, lavender is a very adaptable color and � so much so that you might even consider it to be a neutral color.  If you use it carefully, you could even make a nursery well suited for a baby boy.

You would normally expect to see lavender in a nursery designed for a girl, but if you want to use lavender for a baby boy�s room, it is possible. In that case, consider adding some blue to go along with the lavender.  Also, select images that are more masculine � whales, trains, trucks, or animals from the land or the sea.  You may be able to accomplish this using homemade lavender baby bedding where you pick all the elements � colors, patterns, and textures.

If you are designing your nursery for a baby girl, consider adding neutral accent colors when using lavender.  Green or yellow often work well.

To carry the lavender color throughout the room, look for lavender baby bedding.  If possible, continue your theme (butterflies, flowers, etc.) into the baby bedding too.  Look for a blanket from a favorite store, or maybe drop a hint to friends and family that you still need a homemade quilt.  Since matching colors and themes can be difficult, asking grandma to make some lavender baby bedding is a way to get something that matches exactly what you want.