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Lavender Farms

Have you ever thought about visiting a lavender farm?  It can be an amazing get away and a treat for the eyes and the nose.

Lavender is a plant that is one of the easiest to grow if properly taken care of. For generations people have successfully grown lavender flower for many uses, including cooking and extraction of medicinal and essential oils. These extracts are used for relaxation, soothing, and calming purposes as well as for healing certain ailments.

Lavender plants are commercially grown in many places around the world in lavender farms. Lavender plants ideally grow the best in warm, Mediterranean climates. However, this plant is quite sturdy and strong and can withstand extreme weather conditions and is therefore grown in lavender farms under any weather condition. In fact, you will find lavender farms in Northwest Washington State � where the weather can be quite extreme.  However, growing lavender in harsh climates does require extra effort and maintenance.

Lavender farms are pleasing to the eye as farmers place the plants in neat rows. They are even alternated with other flowering plants like daisies, which makes the farm look vivid, colorful, and vibrant � truly like a natural work of art.

Lavender plant has the ability to tolerate drought to a great extent and this is the reason we find a lot lavender farms in coastal regions with moderate climate. We usually find the soil in these forms is well drained and sandy as lavender is a plant that hates moisture and water logging.

Lavender farms in climates that are not really idea for growing lavender raise the soil bed enough to provide for adequate drainage. In cold climates, farmers often can�t plant entire fields of lavender but will instead plant lavender close to bricks or boulders to help moderate the temperature.

Lavenders are harvested based on the purpose for which they are used. For example, stems of lavender is harvested both for dried as well as fresh blooms. Flowers are harvested to be used for large scale extraction of essential oils. Flowers are also used to generate soothing fragrance in aromatherapy.

Mulching is a popular practice carried out in lavender farms. Mulching is done with the help of pea gravel and sand as these reflect the heat and light back to the plant and thereby enabling the foliage to be dry. Lavender farms which grow lavender for commercial purposes often harvest the lavender when the stems have bloomed and opened completely. Decorative lavender on the other hand is harvested when it is in the bud stage.

There are lavender farms which produce lavender for different purposes: fresh blooms for fragrant crafts like wands, bouquets, and wreaths; and plants which are extracted and distilled into essential oils for aromatherapy and other fragrant products like candles, lotions, soaps, etc.

Lavender farms are exciting and visiting one gives you valuable insight on the various uses of this wonderful natural gift.  Lavenders in the height of bloom are a pleasure to behold, and a trip to a lavender farm can be a wonderful way to refresh your senses.