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Lavender Flowers

Lavender belongs to the mint family Lamiaceae. These plants are predominantly found in the Mediterranean region. There are over 39 species of Lavender flowering plants including shrubs, subshrubs, herbaceous plants and annuals. We see so many variations in lavender flowers due to their ability to easily cross-pollinate.

Lavender flowers are attractive looking and even their flower spikes are used for decoration. Lavender flowers, as the name suggests, is a flower in the color of lavender. They are fragile and must be handled with care. The lavender flowers and buds are used in many popular potpourris mixes. They are dried, packed in packets, and kept among clothing. This gives the clothes a fresh smell and also protects them from moths. Lavender oil is an essential oil that is used predominantly in aromatherapy and also as an antiseptic. Lavender oil is commercially extracted from the lavender flowers.

Bee keepers can also extract high quality honey from the lavender flowers. In fact, the monofloral honey manufactured in the Mediterranean is globally marketed as an exclusive product.

Another important segment where the lavender flowers are used is in manufacture of candies and as cake decorations.  Lavender sugar is also manufactured from lavender flowers. Desserts and baked goods are sometimes added with the lavender essence to enhance the taste. Lavender extract is used as lavender syrup in France. Lavender scones are manufactured using dried lavender and the French lavender syrup in America.

For culinary purposes, lavender essence is used with cheese extracted from either the sheep or goat�s milk. In addition, a unique blend of lavender flowers with green or black herbal tea is rejuvenating and gives a delicate and relaxing flavor and smell. 

Buds of lavender flowers are the storehouse for the essence of lavender from which essential oil is also extracted for aromatherapy. The essential oil extracted from these flowers is used for aromatherapy and in manufacture of cosmetics perfumes, salves, balms, and topical applications. Essential oils extracted from French lavender provide a pronounced and sharp fragrance which has a higher level of camphor.

Spanish lavender flower are predominantly used for adding beauty to the gardens. You can find many fascinating landscape featuring the Spanish lavender plants.

When considering the use of products created from lavender products, use caution since some people can be allergic to lavender.