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In addition to being a lovely plant and good for your health, lavender is a great color and home fragrance.  From scenting bath salts and sachets to coloring baby bedding, lavender has a place in your home.

Homemade Bath Salts - Homemade bath salts can by very easy to make and are a wonderful gift, or even a treat for yourself.  Give the gift of relaxation � your friends, family, and loved ones will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Dead Sea Bath Salt - Taking a relaxing bath with a Dead Sea bath salt is an effective way to melt away stress.  Studies have shown that time spent soaking in a warm bath with Dead Sea salt, together with a relaxing essential oil like lavender, are a terrific way to help relax your tired muscles.

Aromatherapy Soy Candles - Candles are both beautiful and calming.  They can completely change the mood of a room and the people in it.  Used for generations, candles are a part of our lives.  But is it possible to make a better candle?

Lavender Baby Bedding - Nearly all parents-to-be enjoy decorating their nursery while anxiously waiting for their bundle of joy to arrive.  If you are expecting a baby girl, why not consider decorating in lavender?

Bath Oil - Whether it is hot summer or cold winter, a warm luxurious bath with essential salts and bath oils is the ultimate calming experience.

Bulk Bath Salts - Good quality bath salts can be used to make many different beauty aid products such as massage oil base, perfume base, body scrubs, liquid soap base, etc. 

Making Bath Salts - People around the world today use bath salts to rejuvenate and refresh themselves after a tiring day�s work

Natural Bath Salts - Used over the ages as both a beauty aid and for relaxation

Wholesale Bath Salts - The cost savings from purchasing wholesale or bulk bath salts can be significant.