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Making Bath Salts

Ingredients and mixtures that you add into your bath are generally known as bath salts. They are very refreshing and are popular products for both beauty and health. There are hundreds of products available in the market and numerous companies are making bath salts. They come packaged as bath products in many different colors, sizes, fragrances, and varieties.

For those who love enjoying a luxurious and relaxing bath, bath salts are indispensable. A lot of people around the world today use bath salts to rejuvenate and refresh themselves after a tiring day�s work. Bath salts can be enhanced by adding in drops of essential oils of different scents. Lavender essential oil is one of the most popular essential oils that come with an enticing scent. Adding lavender essential oil to your bath salts soothes your tired and frayed nerves and muscles providing you with a feeling of complete luxury, relaxation, and enjoyment.

Bath salts moisturize and smooth our skin by removing dead cells and supplementing the lack of salt in water - providing a healthy and glowing skin. Used them by adding them to running warm water so that you can be sure they will dissolve completely.


Making bath salts is possible by using ingredients like essential oils, fragrance, liquid colorants, baking soda, Dead Sea salts, and Epsom salts. You may also add Glycerin (a colorless thick liquid used to moisturize) to your bath salts. There is no set rule however. Have fun experimenting with many different combinations as you are making bath salts.  Have fun by including a creative mix of ingredients such as sunflower oil, olive oil, castile soap, scented or unscented shampoo, etc.

During summers, making bath salts with sunflower petals (about two cups) added to Dead Sea salts (also about two cups) sprayed with a quarter tablespoon of Anise Essential Oil is a fantastic combination. Having a bath with this combination is sure to rejuvenate and refresh and equips you to face a hot and humid work week.

Use a combination of herbs, fragrant oil, and scent for making bath salts scrubs. An excellent, cooling combination is the peppermint scrub with Rosemary. Another interesting and rejuvenating combination is the Citrus Scrub with Orange and Lemon peels. Use a skilful combination of floral scrubs, especially the rose scrub with the rose petal powder or the lavender flower powder with the lavender scrubs


Making bath salts with different fragrances adn colors can provide you with yet another interesting mixture. Add in course, sea or rock salt to two cups of Epsom salts with one fourth teaspoon of glycerine. Add this mixture to the salts and stir well with the right amount of water for best results.

Making bath salts as Christmas gifts is an interesting and exciting preposition � a wonderfully personal gift. Add in food coloring of your choice and a few drops of cinnamon oil to about one and a half cups of Epsom Salt. Put this mixture into a glass jar and decorate with ribbons and color papers to make a fantastic gift.

Spice up your bathing experience with interesting mixtures and combinations of bath salts. Making bath salts on your own is inexpensive and enhances your bathing experience.