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Natural Bath Salts

After a long, hard day�s work, come home, get into the tub and enjoy a wonderfully soothing bath with natural bath salts. Bath salts relieve your aching feet, soothe and relax your stiff back, and transport you to a world of luxurious relaxation. The aroma added to the water from the bath salts is enticing and fragrant and natural bath salts provide numerous health benefits too.

The Basics on Bath Salts

Natural bath salts have been used over the ages as a beauty aid. One of the most common bath salt used popularly is common Epsom salts. Epsom salt is a combination of sulfate and magnesium predominantly used for flotation therapy. Magnesium sulfate helps reduce inflammation of the skin and soothes tired feet.

Adding Lavender

One of the best natural bath salts found today are those made from Lavender. Among all the herbs, lavender is one of the easiest to grow and harvest and is used in manufacture of a many different beauty aids and products. Lavender comes with a hypnotic and refreshing smell that has been used in soaps and perfumes for ages.

Today lavender is used as an essential oil, for medicinal use, and as a perfume. Lavender essential oil is used as an antiseptic and pain killer. Lavender tends to sooth and calm frayed nerves and is therefore used as a calming agent and a sedative. Natural bath salts made of lavender refreshes and rejuvenate the body.

Benefits of Bath Salts

Natural bath salts help improve your blood circulation and soothe your frayed nerves. Sore and tender areas of your body are relieved of pain by the bath salts. This is the main reason why they are popularly used in aromatherapy spas and also physiotherapy clinics.

Natural bath salts are also used also for skin cleansing as they open up pores and gets rid of dirt and toxins from the body.

Making Your Own

Bath salts found at most of the cosmetic stores are filled with an artificial fragrance instead of pure and therapeutic essential oils. It is possible to make natural bath salts at home filled with natural ingredients and fragrances. 

It is possible to make your own lavender bath salts by mixing calendula oil and lavender essential oil with the bath salts you use. The unique and hypnotic smell of lavender with the warm and luxurious bath is a perfect combination that can provide you with a relaxing and enjoyable bath.

You need a bowl to mix, an empty jar, a spoon, essential oils, baking soda, and salt to make your own natural bath salts. Along with the ingredients, consider adding in a little club moss for relief from muscle cramps. You can customize the ingredients in your bath salts according to your preference and requirements. Add in vanilla, clove, ginger or any other essential oil you prefer. However, avoid peppermint, which has a cooling effect.

A cup of salt added to a cup of baking soda and enhanced with drops of essential oil. You can even add in moisturizing oils like jojoba and olive.

Before putting the mixture into a jar, it is important to allow it to dry in a bowl covered with a cloth. This ensures that the natural bath salts do not solidify and become difficult to use.

Consider adding flower petals and herbs to make your bath salts even more personalized and interesting.


Add these to your tub or warm water to sink into a luxurious, steamy, soothing and enticing bath.