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Spanish Lavender

The Spanish Lavender plant is one of the four most popular varieties of lavender plants (other popular varieties are English Lavender, Yellow Lavender, and French Lavender).

The plant itself is a silver-gray herb.  But Spanish Lavender comes to life in the spring when it explodes with blooms.   Spanish Lavender is one of the most reliable blooming plants in the Lavendula plant family. 

Spanish Lavender is sometimes called �Rabbit Ears� because of the shape of the flower bloom.  The bloom looks like a purple pineapple on the bottom with colorful pink-purple �rabbit ears� on top.  The �ears� actually are sterile bracts.

After blooming, you should prune it.  When you do, the Spanish Lavender plant will be a grayish-green shrub for the rest of the year � and it will still maintain its wonderful fragrance.

Spanish Lavender is native to North Africa and the Mediterranean region.  Because of that, it seems to be a good choice for hot and humid climates.  Spanish Lavender seems to handle humidity well, unlike 'English' and 'French' lavenders.

While Spanish Lavender is a wonderful choice for fragrance in your garden, it is not the first choice for cooks.  Most chefs prefer English Lavender.  In the same way Spanish Lavender is not the first choice for making essential oils. 

The fragrance of Spanish Lavender is between a true lavender small and a rosemary fragrance. It is a good alternative to rosemary.

Most Spanish Lavender bushes grow to be up to two feet tall (three feet tall if you count the bloom).  They thrive in Zones 8-11and enjoy full sun.  The bushes are very tolerant of both frost and drought.  Plant your lavender bushes in well drained and sandy soil.
Interesting notes

- Some older publications still refer to Spanish Lavender as French lavender.

- You can create additional lavender bushes with cuttings or seeds. You can also take softwood cuttings in the spring.

- The word Lavender comes from the Latin word �lavare� which means �to wash�.  Washing your face with lavender is known to stimulate cell growth and help address acne.

- Some butterflies and humming birds are attracted to Spanish Lavender.

- You can purchase Spanish Lavender seeds on Amazon.com!