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Tea Tree Oil Uses

Tea tree oil is distilled from a plant native to Australia and parts of Asia. The leaves of the plant Melaleuca alternifolia are steam distilled to extract Tea Tree oil. This oil was predominantly used in olden days with tea and this is how the oil got its name. Today, oil extracted from the leaves of this plant is used for medicinal purposes.

The History Of Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree oil uses were appreciated even back in the olden days when the aboriginals in Australia used the leaves for curing various ailments such as infections, burns, skin cuts, etc. They just crushed the leaves and applied the paste directly on the lesion.

The antifungal and antiseptic property of Tea Tree oil comes from a certain ingredient known as terpenoids. In fact, Tea Tree oil is an excellent antimicrobial due to the terpinen-4-ol compound.

Using Tea Tree Oil Today

Today there are plenty of great Tea Tree oil uses. People use this wonderful oil for treating various conditions such as yeast infection, psoriasis, eczema, lice, boils, antiseptic, periodontal disease, thrush, vaginitis, dandruff, athlete�s foot and acne.

The healing powers of Tea Tree oil are well known. Tea Tree oil uses also extend to treatment of scabies, ringworm, nail fungus, blackheads, mites and mosquito infestations. The oil provides a soothing and calming feeling as it disinfects the wound. Being analgesic in nature, the oil also provides relief from itching, inflammation, and pain.

Medical Uses

When the body is threatened by an infection, Tea Tree oil opens up the skin pores by promoting sweating thereby activating your body�s defence mechanisms. A warm solution containing drops of Tea Tree oil can sooth your throat and act as an expectorant when you have chest or throat infections.

Tea Tree oil is also found to be effective in treating bed sores. Affected areas have to be massaged with a solution of Tea Tree oil with one tablespoon of olive or almond oil.

To sooth your frayed muscles and nerves, apply diluted Tea Tree oil to your skin and massage.

Around The House

In addition to medicinal uses, Tea Tree oil uses extend to your household too. Tea Tree oil added to one teaspoon of borax and two table spoons of vinegar added with warm water in a spray bottle is an effective disinfectant. Remember to shake the solution so that the borax dissolves well.

For an effective deodorizer, add a few drops of Tea Tree oil drops in a spray bottle.

Disinfect your dishes effectively by adding drops of Tea Tree oil to the dishwashing soap in the dishwasher dispenser.  

Also consider adding a few drops of Tea Tree oil to the washing machine to help kill germs in your clothes.

Tea Tree oil uses extends to humidifiers too. Add drops of Tea Tree oil to humidifiers to disinfect, clean, and refresh the air.


Add Tea Tree oil to a bottle of water and hydrogen peroxide and spray it on plants.  It�s an excellent insecticide and disinfectant for the plants. Put a few drops of Tea Tree oil in hot or cold water and just keep it in the room to allow the vapors to spread. This is an excellent headache, flu, stuffiness and allergy reliever.


There are many different Tea Tree oil uses. Tea Tree Oil is an invaluable natural asset that you can use in many healthy ways around your home.

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